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FitDeck Toning Ball Exercise Cards


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FitDeck Toning Ball exercise cards are designed to strengthen and tone the upper, middle, lower body. Contains illustrations and instructions for over 18 different Toning Ball exercises. Toning Ball(s) required.

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3 reviews for FitDeck Toning Ball Exercise Cards

  1. Kari

    I like the variety. These cards make my workouts more fun, and a lot less boring! I like that I can change up the order of the cards to create a different workout every time!!! I highly recommend these FitDeck cards.

  2. Lori MacKinnon

    I really like theses cards! I use them to change up a class and make a fun workout. Sometimes I will pair up my clients and they do the workout in partners. This way they do the exercise on the next card turned over rather than me dictating the exercise. Everyone has a lot of fun and works hard.

  3. Gillian Brondyke

    I did not know many exercises before using this deck! Thanks so much!

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