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FitDeck Plyometrics



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Use this FitDeck to dramatically increase speed,
jumping ability, and explosiveness. For best results, perform suggested
exercises at maximum intensity. Perfect for sports that demand above average leg
strength and power (e.g. basketball, football).

Incorporate Plyometrics training into any overall
fitness routine to enhance agility, strength, and footwork.

Number of Cards: 26 Exercise Playing Cards
Equipment: None
Fitness Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Targeted Users: Men & Women (15-50 yrs)
Match with: SAQ, Core Blast, Cones

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1 review for FitDeck Plyometrics

  1. Bryan Rose

    Great cards and they are selling them for a great price. Wish they had more. The company was great to deal with and fast shipping I would buy from them again anytime.

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