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Bean Bag Target Set



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It’s game on with this Bean Bag Target Set! This yard game can be used for family fun, backyard parties, school gym class and more. It is portable, lightweight and easy to assemble for on-the-go bean bag games!


  • Durable Construction: Made of polyester fabric with mesh pockets and a plastic stand. Set includes the 43” x 43” target and 12 4” x 4” bean bags of assorted colours.
  • Target System: The eight target pockets are easy to spot and have large clear numbers to allow for a scoring system. This game not only teaches hand-eye coordination, but also is a great math game learning tool.
  • Portable: With folding legs, the target is easy to assemble and disassemble which allows the perfect travel bean bag game.

Why You Need It:

Bean bag target games are fun for all ages! The 12 assorted bean bags allow for an endless number of players. The scoring system is easy to follow and creates a friendly bean bag competition.

How It Helps:

The soft and safe bean bags can be used by kids and adults to improve hand-eye coordination and develop motor skills. The numbered pockets can be used for a scoring system to provide a fun way to introduce mathematics at any age.

What You Can Do With It:

The lightweight Bean Bag Target Set is made of polyester with a plastic stand which allows for easy transportation. You can use this target set at schools for gym class, at home for a family game, camping or as a yard game. Adults can also use it responsibly as an outdoor corn hole style drinking game. The possibilities are endless!

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