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Water Balloon Launcher

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This 3 person water balloon launcher can fling water balloons up to 160' so get your 2 closest friends together and get ready to soak your opponent's targets.
You can also have an excellent team building event with a balloon launcher, try by seeing who is the most accurate, or which team can shot it the furthest.
Each kit includes the 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher, 72 biodegradable balloons, filling nozzle and a cool little tool for tying all those balloons up.

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2 reviews for Water Balloon Launcher

  1. Sandy MacNeil

    We used the water balloon launcher for water balloons and to launch small balls and the kids had a riot seeing how far they could send them. This was a good investment. Have fun with it

  2. Shari Stevenson

    I opened my parcel up at work which is located in the oil patch and the guys were fighting trying to get at it and see how far they could launch stuff, once they opened the fridge to start using the pickled eggs I had to take it away! Once getting it home the kids were launching balloons up the block, not sure if the elderly folks at the end were scowling or enjoying what they were seeing! You only live once right!

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