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Everything you need for a company volleyball tournament or set it up in your backyard. The Tournament Volleyball set comes with 1 3/4" telescopic aluminum poles that can be adjusted to 3 playing heights (men's, women's and co-ed), a guyline tension system with 10" steel stakes to ensure the 3' x 32' professional net will stay taut during play. It also comes with a soft touch volleyball with an inflation pump, pre measured boundary lines and a nice equipment bag to store everything in if you want to take it down (maybe in winter).

Includes the following items:

1-3/4" Telescopic poles, 2-piece "Aircraft-Aluminum"
3'x32' Professional sleeve net with 2" bindings
1/4" Pull-down? guylines with handles
10" Steel stakes
1/4" Pre-measured boundary, corner anchors and cord winder Equipment bag, with full zipper and carrying straps

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Weight9.09 kg
Dimensions40 × 9 × 9 cm


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