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Choose from the yellow tether ball or the soft dimpled covered tetherball. Both balls are official size and weight.

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Weight0.45 kg

Original Yellow, Soft Cellular Dimple Covered

14 reviews for Tether Balls

  1. Emily Coates

    Good ball. Same thing as in stores but significantly cheaper.

  2. H McAndrews

    Easy ordering and delivery or pick up. Competitive prices. Happy with quality of product.

  3. Tracey Green

    Product was cheaper than local merchandise (including taxes and shipping), will definitely use this company in the future, quality excellent and customer service fantastic.

  4. Jennifer Newman

    The tether ball was exactly what I needed. I was asked by a friend in Chiang Mai, Thailand to bring her a tether ball for her children’s school. She was thrilled with it when I delivered it and the children at the school LOVE it. Tether ball is not a popular game in Thailand but the kids were quick to catch on & it is very popular at recess.
    Thank you for supplying a great & durable product.

  5. Shannon Merkel

    I was happy to find this item (most stores do not stock tether balls) and it was very well priced. Excellent quality product.

  6. Julie

    The tether ball is good quality. It is attractive and the texture is a nice feature.

  7. James Lefebvre

    As an owner of a campground we have been desperately looking for tether balls of a professional quality. After several searches we came upon Lynx Leisure Inc, placed an order and received the product in due course and was pleasantly surprised. We liked the colour, the rope that held the ball and the quality.
    You can be assured we will no longer have to search for a supplier again. We have found what we wanted. Thank you.

  8. Lorena Holtz

    Excellent quality; durable; very pleased with purchase and service.

  9. Lorraine Prince

    My grandson loves it but I find it a bit hard for my “old” hand. We haven’t had it long enough to have many people play with it. I believe it is the standard one that is the ‘real tether ball”. My 10 year old grandson said it is like the ones at camp.

    I have a big soft one that the young kids like and a tennis ball you hit with a bat that is 35 years old.
    I think this one will work out well

  10. Michelle McMillan

    We bought the tether ball for our resort and it arrived when they said it would and they were very good with letting me know exactly what was going on, I think they run a very good business and took care of me, the little guy!

  11. Pam Berry

    This colourful tether ball is very good quality and my kids love to play with it.

  12. Karen Kipfer-Pryce

    Found tether ball very colourful and bright also seems very strong. Haven’t had it long yet though. Just wish your shipping charges weren’t so crazy!

    Editors note: Unfortunately with just 1 item, shipping can be higher as FedEx has minimums and on smaller items like a tether ball you could probably order 4 and it would still be the same amount in shipping.

  13. toni ross

    I purchased the tsrt5 tether ball and was very satisfied with the prompt service, product is great. So far I have no complaints.
    The shipping cost was a little on the high side though.

    Editor: Hi Toni, I’ve said it before but couriers have minimums (not us) and for just one item, a ball can seem expensive. If we could get them flat enough to fit into an envelope we would but they do have to go into a box and ship as a parcel.

  14. George Darling

    This tetherball serves us well in a year round outdoor and public setting. The ball is quite adequate for our community’s recreational use, replacing the same tetherball we purchased two years ago. I expect we will get another two year’s use with the ball.

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