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TWO ON TWO ACTION ? Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball.
PLAY ANYWHERE ? Spikeball is perfect for the backyard, the beach, or even your living room!
FOLDABLE LEGS make the product tougher. Errant dives and falls happen, these legs can take the abuse. Bonus! They make it easier to store Spikeball in your trunk, closet or garage
ADJUSTABLE NET ? Play at the tournament standard or tailor the net tightness to your preference. More bounce for newer players, Less bounce for advanced
THREE BALLS INCLUDED ? Only one is needed to play, but we?ve got you covered for any misplacings.

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