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Sack Races (5)


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Relive school day racing at your company picnic in these specially designed adult sized potato sacks. Contains 5 racing patato sacks made from jute with double stitching for extra strength and durability. Each sack measures approximately 96cm x 58cm (38 inches tall x 23 inches wide).

Receive one of each of the following:

  • 1 x Red Sack (?FIREBALL?)
  • 1 x Blue Sack (?MAD DOG?)
  • 1 x Green Sack (?WIRED?)
  • 1 x Orange Sack (?DOZEY?)
  • 1 x Yellow Sack (?FEVER?)
  • and a carrying case

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6 reviews for Sack Races (5)

  1. Ministry assistant

    Love the faces on the product and they were pretty sturdy with the amount of kids that used them.

  2. Richard Grenier Jr


  3. Laura

    The kids love the faces on the bags, but just as with the old-school burlap sacks, these are itchy.

  4. Katlyn McLaughlin

    As a summer camp, we use the sack race bags for all kinds of games, races and competitions. Not only do the kids go wild for the sac race bags, but they are durable and can endure lots of abuse.

  5. Maxine Abrams

    Sacks are durable and make of sturdy material to last longer than one picnic race. The idea was to pay a little more than other sites but have the sacks for a number of years for a variety of family picnics – Great material and love the travel bag that came with it.

  6. Cleo Alverson

    The bags I bought showed men using them to hop in.I also asked the person I bought them from over the phone that I want to make sure men will fit this size you carry. She said yes they will. The men had trouble using them! not big enough really!! Not very Happy,you need to make larger ones for them!!!! We do Easter time races every year and I’m thinking of making my own. Need better size product.
    Editor’s Note: We had to get them out and try them on here. Although they are not huge, I’m 6 foot and not a “marathoner” and it came up to my waist and I could get it around my waist. For kids I would actually suggest you roll it down a little so it’s not in their armpits.

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