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Practice throwing, catching and counting with the Numbered Bean Bag Set. The ten cotton bean bags are soft and safe to throw, and numbered to provide an educational game for all ages at school or at home.


  • Durable Materials: Each 4” x 4” Bean Bag has a soft cotton stitched construction and has child-safe filling.
  • Numbers and Counters: Each bean bag has an amount from 1-10 clearly printed on it, in numeral, English text, and dot counters. These can be used for game scoring, and learning counting and basic math.
  • Fun For All Ages: For young children, Bean Bags provide safe tossable fun for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The numbers can be used for children learning to count or adults keeping score!

Why You Need It:

The soft weighted design of cotton bean bags can be enjoyed by all ages at home, school, or traveling. Teachers and students can use these in elementary school classrooms and gym class to teach children mathematics and counting.

How It Helps:

The clearly printed numbers, counters and text is easy-to-read when counting, adding, subtracting or using as a point system for various games. The colours of the Numbered Bean Bag Set also follow a pattern to help with additional learning exercises. Bean bags can also be used to throw and catch, practicing hand-eye coordination.

What You Can Do With It:

These standard cotton Bean Bags can be used by students, teachers, families and friends for safe toss and catch games, target games, corn hole and more! The numbers can be used to count, read, add and subtract. The design of these numbered bean bags add to your current bean bag games by providing “points” based on the number on each bean bag.

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