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Mega Chess Storage Bags



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The Chess Bag is designed to carry and store our large Plastic
MegaChess sets with the 25" or 37" King. The Mega Bag can be used for
any large hauling.

  • For the MegaChess set with the 25" king, use two Mega Bags for the black pieces and two Mega Bags for the white pieces.
  • For the MegaChess set with the 37" king, add a third Mega Bags to carry the black and white inserts.
  • Shaped like a drum with a 20" circumference and 36" height.

Each Chess Bag filled with our Plastic Chess pieces would be about 16 lbs, a reasonably easy carry for almost anyone.

The material is rugged, water-resistant nylon.
Cinched closed, the Mega Bag is shaped like a drum 20 inches in
diameter and about 3 feet tall. It comes with a plastic cord lock at the
top (like sleeping bags and camping gear), and two quadruple-stitched
hand straps on the sides.

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2 Bags(16″ Chess Sets) $79.98, 5 Bags(37″ chess Set) $189.99, 6 Bags(49″ Chess Sets) $225.00, 1 Bag $39.99, 4 Bags (25" Chess Sets) $139.99


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