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Ladder Golf Bolas


(43 customer reviews)

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

These additional sets of bolas can be purchased so you can play up to 4 players or teams on 1 ladder. Each set of bolas is made with real golf balls, specially designed brass inserts and premium nylon rope. All materials are resistant to wear and should offer a lifetime of game play.

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Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

43 reviews for Ladder Golf Bolas

  1. Emily Coates

    The balls are brightly colored, and are well attached to the cord.

  2. Emily Coates

    Way better then the ones I made, lol. The only issue that I have, is that after one night of playing the clear coating was starting to come off. Other than that the bolas are awesome.

  3. Emily Coates

    The bolas that I ordered seem alright, but after a few days of use the ropes are starting to fray and I am afraid they are going to break. The ropes are fraying right close to where they enter the golf ball.

  4. Emily Coates

    Liked that fact that you could choose the colors you wanted. I got 2 of my daughter’s favorite colors!!

  5. Emily Coates


  6. Emily Coates

    Love the Ladder Golf Game and ordered extra bolas. Good price and received them in a timely fashion.

  7. Emily Coates

    A good idea to have extra bolas so that more can play in team contest, etc.

  8. Emily Coates

    only problem was that the colors we wanted were not available and had to choose the only ones available. But they work.

  9. Emily Coates

    We play Ladder Golf all the time and ordered more Bolas, so more people can play too.

  10. Emily Coates

    In our original set (ordered in winter of 2009) one of the bolas had a shorter string and one of them broke – rope came out of golf ball. Thank you for replacing them! The original ladders broke very easily. Our maintenance guys have reglued and put in new screws. My students really enjoy playing the game.

  11. KW


  12. Emily Coates

    They are excellent except for one little comment, the paint is coming off the silver golf balls and some of the strings are getting a little frayed, which has me a bit worried about how long they will last. But, I love the bright, bold colors and they are not coming off. Lynx made it very convenient for me to pick up the bolas and to pay. Thanks!

  13. Christine Ng

    Quality is great.

  14. H McAndrews

    Great selection of colors. Easy order and delivery.

  15. Linda Arnold

    Many colors to choose from, very good quality.

  16. Joan Sawicki

    Love the bright colours! I ordered extra sets to be able to set up more teams or individual players. Not quite sure how that will work yet.

  17. Jamie Marson

    Also much better than the conventional balls that break after time. Very good quality.

  18. Alexander Cooke

    You can’t have more fun with two balls and a length of soft rope.

  19. Margaret Thackeray

    Well made.

  20. Wendy Holukoff

    If they would only go where you want them to! Lots of fun and great colors!

  21. Barbara Marsh

    And they are a much better quality than the ones that were lost last month!

  22. Derren Rehm

    These are the best balls that I have ever handled

  23. Amanda – Parts Dept

    I had the Ladder Golf game set up at our open house last year and I sold most of the games. All day customers did not stop playing it.

    Great game for children and adults to play while camping or even just in your own back yard.

  24. Ryan Hauser

    Great sturdy set of ladder golf. best on the market, wonderful customer service and worth every penny.

  25. Elov Simmons

    We found the the new bolas have shorter ropes making them a slight disadvantage when playing with the older style.

  26. Ryan Stewart

    Well crafted, and fun to use. They haven’t seen a ton of action yet, but so far, so good.

  27. Brad Mulders

    I’d been wanting to have more colors! Now we can have more people play at once.

  28. Linda W

    Just as hoped for.

  29. Kevin Schlachter

    I recently contacted and purchsed some more golf ladder bolas from Lynx Leisure and the level of service and common courtesy was fantastic. They are in the gaming businnes and know there clientele very well, meaning they relate very good to your requests. Thank You very much and I will be back and back again.

  30. Shelly DeJong

    Our family really enjoys this easy to play game. It takes no time to set up and even less time to learn. The Lynx website was informative and helped me select a great game; the videos on their site are short, to the point, and take no longer than 3 minutes to view. Delivery was smashingly fast and even came with a personal touch. All Happy.

  31. M. Costley

    I highly recommend ordering additional bolas for the ladder golf game as many will want to join in on the game. I like the many color choices, would love to see sports team logo’s on the bolas; especially the Riders Logo! This would add a whole new level to the game.

  32. Jacqui Eliuk

    No problems, have held up through several games.

  33. Dan Vos

    Ladder Golf has been excellent and the replacement balls re too.

  34. Terry Kraemer

    Very heavy duty and well made!

  35. Lisette Clement

    My order came in by FedEx as per schedule.

    Packaging was good, Bolas well made.

    Too bad the company is in Calgary, shipping to Ontario
    is expensive.

  36. Jody F.

    Bolas have perfect weight to them. Nice to have extras colours!!

  37. Ernie Rainbow

    So far they are durable and standing up to a number of games without much wear/tear.

  38. Morgan Clark

    Great product!

  39. Avery Sales

    Good Quality. Fast Shipping

  40. Shirley/Tom Mitchell

    Everything was good except that I ordered yellow balls and they were no longer in stock. They did call to discuss the problem and they were fine with me just eliminating that part of the order. There was quick shipping.

  41. Lisette Clement

    Ordered these two sets for a friend who the ones I had ordered for myself And a friend

    Friend of mine was in Calgary so got him to pick them up for me.

    Thanks Chris

  42. D Maier

    Holding up so far…

  43. Derek Worthington

    Excellent product and very fast delivery.

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