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A valued priced hopper ball without compromising durability. Made with durable PVC construction that is both phthalate and lead free. Two straight grab handles for holding onto. Maximum of 200lbs.

Yes, these Hop Balls are okay for adults as long as you don't exceed the weight limit. Now jump on that hop ball and get going!

Hop & Jump Ball sizing:
Red 45 cm - ages 5 - 7 $34.99
Orange 55 cm - ages 6 - 9 $39.99
Green 65 cm - ages 9 + $48.99
Sizing is a guideline only

Additional information

Weight4.2 kg
Color & Size

Red 45cm $34.99, Orange 55cm $39.99, Green 65cm $49.99

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  1. Jessica Frail

    Good size.

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