Hardwood Double Ladder Toss Set

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NEW AND IMPROVED - Introductory for this premium hardwood ladder ball set.
Set contains (2) Two tournament hardwood game ladder with wide, well supported base to keep the ladder upright through your hardest tosses. (12) BONUS TWELVE bolas with real golf balls, brass fittings and high quality nylon rope (3) three red bolas and (3) three navy blue bolas, (3) three yellow bolas and (3) three orange bolas. (2) two nylon carry case and official ladder toss rules
Regulation Tournament Ladder Ball dimensions our ladder is 40 inches tall and 25 inches wide. The ladder base is 36 inches long and includes two cross supports. The three rungs are 13 inches apart and 24 inches long. Each bola has two real golf balls, 13 inches apart with solid brass fittings.
Fast set-up allows you to get right to the fun!
Uber Games Single Ladder Sets are also available
The official Uber Games Ladder Toss wooden game set comes with 1 or 2 hardwood ladder(s), 2 sets of our real golf ball bolas (4 sets in the double game), a nylon carrying bag, and the official Ladder Ball rules.
This hardwood game is fast and easy to setup. It has a convenient heavy-duty nylon zip bag so that you can take your Ladder Toss game anywhere!
The sturdy build of the hardwood ladder with additional lateral support will withstand a lot of aggressive gaming and will be the hit of your tailgate party!
Ladder Golf uses only high-quality materials such as solid hardwood, real golf balls, brass hardware, and solid unbreakable rungs.
Not only is Ladder Ball fun to play but it is surprisingly easy to play as well. You get 3 points if you land on the top rung, 2 for the middle and 1 for the bottom rung. The first player to 21 wins!
Regulation Tournament Ladder Ball dimensions our ladder is 40 inches tall and 25 inches wide. The ladder base is 36 inches long and includes two cross supports. The three rungs are 13 inches apart and 24 inches long. Each bola has two real golf balls, 13 inches apart with solid brass fittings.

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18 reviews for Hardwood Double Ladder Toss Set

  1. Deborah Beck

    great quality, well constructed for playground use, quick service and delivery

  2. Nadine Kimmy

    Love the metal ladderball Set, easy to set up and transport. A great family game.

  3. Kyle Mask

    Very awesome set. Sturdy. Portable. Easy to set up and fun to play

  4. Heather Vogt

    Order arrived on time and in good condition. It was exactly as it was advertised to be. Quality & good service.

  5. Linda Cameron

    We were extremely happy with the metal ladderball game received. We have had a lot of fun with it. The Metal Ladderball game will last a long time and everyone will have great fun playing it.

  6. Randy Lindquist

    This product is easy to assemble and disassemble. It was fast shipping. This product is built to last. Similar items have a place to keep score, this would have been nice to have.

  7. Allan Richard

    cannot see this thing breaking any time soon.

  8. Cheryl Wahl

    I was very impressed with the quality of the Metal Ladderball set that I purchased. It is very strong and easy to assemble. Comes in a very nice carry bag as well.

  9. Don W

    Excellent product, fantastic customer relations

  10. Jo-Anne

    Purchased for my (adult) son for Christmas and he was THRILLED. He had previously purchased a plastic version of this game (elsewhere) and said it was a waste of money. He can hardly wait to try it out at the next family gathering. He says this one is built to last! Price was excellent. Excellent, friendly service and fast shipping.

  11. D Maier

    The set comes with soft bolas. It was dented up a bit by the hard bolas (golf balls), but will probably hold up. The plastic end caps (protect the top end of the uprights) were cracked on arrival (don’t really fit anyway), and quickly broken by the hard bolas. Comes with instructions that recommend 25′ spacing (instead of 15′) – not sure about that.

  12. Sharon Elaine Bourdeau

    Good quality product. Well worth the money.

  13. Valerie Harmatski

    We purchased this Ladderball set to enjoy in our backyard. It is a very sturdy set! Came with a nice travel bag for easy transport!

  14. Scott Slade

    This is a great set. I’ve played others made of different materials and this is a quality set for sure. My only feedback would be to have actual golf balls or ones made of harder materials as they tend to bounce off the bars. Not a game changer by any means, just a suggestion.

    Editor’s note: Thanks for the review Scott, the problem with real golf balls on a metal ladder golf game is that they will dent the frame. Yes, it’s only a game and not your prized Bugatti Veyron but some people will still return it. FYI: Using real golf balls will sometimes bounce back when they hit each other the right way. Chris

  15. Valerie

    Purchased ladder ball set because the ones you get from department stores are terrible quality, shipping was fast and product is heavy and durable. Very happy.

    Hi Valerie, I’m glad you’re enjoying your laddergolf game. Yeah, the cheap plastic or particleboard ones you can buy at the big box stores don’t last very long, thank you for searching for a quality one and finding us! – CB

  16. Steve Plexman

    Easy to set up, very solid “ladder”. The bolas are great and can take a beating. Not as portable as I’d like, although better portability would surely decrease quality. Could maybe use some sort of spikes on the base to really secure the ladder on grass.

  17. diane Bridges

    We loved the sturdy construction, well built and the family enjoyed playing it.We checked the prices at Canadian Tire but they were not as well built .

  18. david hoy

    Received product on time, the case looks like it has been used before, no score keeping on sides of frame and no instructions on the game itself, hardwood looks like pine ? now, everything on the unit itself was in good shape, golf balls were cut in half , not sure why? would love to hear back from you on my comments as I work retail and I always like to hear the other side, thank you.

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