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Giant Snakes and Ladders Game


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This giant version of the classic Snakes and Ladders board game puts YOU in the heart of the game, where you move up the ladders and down the snakes. We have also added some new features for extra fun! Specially designed to provide active fun for all ages 3 and over. Also know as Giant Chutes and Ladders.
Contains:1 - Giant 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) heavy duty square playing mat, 8 hold down pegs and 1 giant inflatable die.
How to Play: (Official rules)
  1. Get ready for fun! Unfold the giant mat and lay flat, away from sharp objects. Use the pegs provided to secure the mat to the lawn if you're playing in the garden. Blow up the inflatable die and you're ready to play.
  2. To decide the order of play, take turns to throw the dice. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first, with the remaining players following according to the numbers they have thrown. (Optional: Go by age, youngest to oldest)
  3. On your turn to play, throw the dice and move forward on the mat that number of squares, starting from square 1.
  4. If you end up on the foot of a ladder, move up the ladder to the square at the top. If you end up on the head of a snake, then slide back down to its tail.
  5. If you land on a "Sting Square" you can swap places with any other player on the board. But even if you're in the lead you MUST swap with someone!
  6. If you land on a "Double Dice" square on your next throw of the dice your sore counts double. But you MUST double up your score even if it means you reach the winner square and then have to bounce backwards!
  7. If you land on a "Stand on one leg Square" then you must do exactly that until your next throw of the dice. If any other part of your body touches the ground before your next turn, you must more backwards the value of the dice you throw.
To WIN the game:
You must throw exactly the right number to get home. If you roll a higher number, you must move forward onto the winner's square and then move backwards using the full value of the dice thrown.

The first player to finish their turn on the home square is the winner. (Optional: Do not use the following rule and whoever get their first is the winner.)


Giant Snakes and Ladders Game 4.0 out of 5 based on 19 user ratings

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51 reviews for Giant Snakes and Ladders Game

  1. Emily Coates

    Excellent game! It was particularly enjoyed by our 3 – 7 year olds.

  2. Emily Coates


  3. Emily Coates

    We first used this product at a vacation bible camp for children ages 3 to 10. They along with their leaders had a blast with the game. We have subsequently made use of it at our Sunday morning Kids program.

  4. Emily Coates

    I always had to pick up this game so that the grass underneath didnot die. I found the campers not very interested in this game.

  5. Emily Coates

    A classic!

  6. kmc

    We absolutely love the game. The quality is exceptional. We are using the game to engage youth in programs that we offer at the youth centre. We have divised questions and scenarios that must be answered correctly by the youth in order to advance in the game. It is a fun and creative way to keep youth interested in what we have to say. They are having fun and learning at the same time. What else can I say? It’s fantastic!

  7. Emily Coates

    the dice broke easily order a new one. Children enjoy it

  8. Emily Coates

    My niece and nephew enjoyed it.

  9. John Howard Society

    Not a good fit for age group 12-18. Too kiddish. Recommend for younger ages as i have seen it used successfully at community event. Looking at alternative ways to use, maybe on the wall with discussions arounds risks and protective factors.

  10. Emily Coates

    Love the game, but the mat is not standing up to heavy traffic, original dice deflated almost immediately, foam dice got very dirty very fast and couldn’t be cleaned, latest dice better, but still hard to clean.

    Editor’s note: Game is used at one of Canada’s busiest libraries.

  11. Emily Coates

    Perfect for the younger kids, lots of fun!

  12. Emily Coates

    Kids at the camp loved this game.

  13. Ken

    This is a neat product for smaller classes or groups but for large activities or area’s I found that parents didn’t not us it unless a leader walked them through it.

  14. Emily Coates

    Always busy with kids playing a game

  15. Cathie MacDonald

    Seems to be excellent quality – heavy vinyl. Pleased to see special game spaces (Sting, Stand on one foot) that will make the game interesting to players. Haven’t used it yet. Order came very quickly. Thank you very much.

  16. Joyce Green

    Waiting for the snow to go ,to try the game outside. Works very well on the carpet in the livingroom! We all ( kids and adults ) love it. Only problem- die goes flat!!! Fix that and it would be a five star.

  17. Margaret Friesen

    My grandchildren and I had a great time playing snakes and ladders. Beats sitting inside and playing. Very strong material.

  18. Preeti Yadav

    This is great for kids aged 5-12. They seem to really enjoy it.

  19. Marg Chapman

    I bought this for my grandsons – 4 boys age 2 to 10, to play together. They tried it in the living room and everyone incl adults played for over an hour & had loads of fun. We will take it camping this summer – it is durable & compact to pack & something we can do together without technology.

  20. Lynne

    Love the game board and how small everything packages up. Also easy to clean if it wanders outside. Great value for such a unique game format.

  21. Tonya Easter

    The material this is made out of smells terrible and gives you a headache. I think it is very exspensive for what you get

  22. Joannie Robertson

    Great game for our seniors.

  23. Joe Goslin – Pastor Joe

    I cannot say how much the kids have enjoyed this game. I used it at a day camp we run. It was the hit of the camo.

  24. Kerri Kenwell

    This is such a fun game to have tucked away for a beautiful summer day, camping trip or something fun to do indoors in the winter. The whole family can play. Super fun!

  25. Denise Mobilia

    Kids loved the game! Big enough for 4 kids to play

  26. Michael

    The board is HUGE – even bigger than I expected and is great fun to play with a crowd of people. The only real problem is that the squares are not numbered so it can be difficult to tell which direction you should move if close attention is not paid. It does come with one inflatable dice, so the second one I picked up wasn’t necessary.

  27. Alex Leask

    Giant Snakes and Ladders has been a hit at summer camp this year. We may continue to use it in some of our older adult wellness programs in the fall. The dice is a blow up dice, might be nicer if it was foam or something more durable.

  28. Tracy Ballew

    This yard game is great for people with little or no storage space it was also a big hit at our outdoor functions. The mat is high quality and the giant dice is alright.

  29. Gail Paskiw

    I am extremely pleased with the size and quality of the giant snakes and ladders game. It will be well used by my five grandsons ages 5 through 12. I was also impressed by the quick delivery date.

  30. SchoolsPlus

    Love our new snakes and ladders game – good quality, love the anchors for the board with our east coast winds. Kids find it very exciting.

  31. Jennie Walshe

    Haven’t used it yet but looks good quality. Sure it will be fun

  32. Damien Yoo

    Excellent and nostalgic game. It is also huge and fun for kids. One of the more popular games during my event.

    Delivery was spot on as well.

  33. Jen Thacker

    Was everything I hoped for thank you

  34. Community Links

    A great game for the whole family to play together, kids loved the giant size dice!

    Excellent quality

  35. Jolene MacKinnon

    We ordered this for a youth event and it was a big hit. I would just caution people to ask players to “roll” the dice instead of “slam dunking” it and maybe it wouldn’t get a leak. Lesson learned on our end. Lynx provided great service, from ordering to delivery! I will definitely order from them again.

  36. Betsy Sinclair

    This giant snakes and ladders game was a big hit. The people at Lynx responded right away to our questions and shipping was very quick, even to the far north!

  37. Larry LeBlanc

    Fast response to a message I left. Excellent service. Delivery just as promised.

  38. Jenny LeBlanc

    My experience was great. In no time we were set up with ordering by purchase order and within one week the item was here. They helped us out with the shipping because we are only post office boxes in Mackenzie. This company has fantastic customer service.

  39. Carolyn Bourque

    The mat was better quality than expected, but the inflatable dice already has a small tear at the seam after only a few days of play.

    We brought it camping and the kids played it over and over.

  40. Karen Fegan

    The game has been a great addition to our family get together! It was fun for everyone! Adults included.

  41. Pat Calyniuk

    The kids have enjoyed playing the game and being the pieces. We play indoors and recommend having them take their shoes off.

  42. Cathy Heighington

  43. Stacey Miranda

  44. Maria Boukatov

    Fast shipping, good quality

  45. Pam Weinrauch


  46. Rohan Matts

  47. Carmen Erison

    The game is fantastic and we love it; however, the blow up dice is not very sturdy. The dice had a hole in it after 1 use and now we have to either repair it or buy new sturdier dice.

    Editor’s note: Hi Carmen, In a public area like your library, these dice will not hold up with kids sitting or bouncing on them which the dice are not designed for. We sell a separate die ( Giant Soft Sided Die ) that can take the abuse of having the Giant Snakes and Ladders game in a public area.

  48. Dawn Read

    The game really is well made and so much fun to play!!

  49. Rosemary Johnston

    We bought this outdoor game for our nephew for his 7th birthday. He loved it and we all had so much fun playing it as a family. Great product and well worth the price. Thank you

  50. Ann Bonin

    Even during a pandemic, Lynx was as always quick to respond to any questions, and our game arrived in perfect condition with the addition of a carrying bag.

  51. Terri Morrison

    I will be happy to let you know but I have not given the gift yet

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