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Only the steadiest of hands can succeed in this game of daring tension. Try to remove each pick up stick in turn without moving any of the others. Rack up the highest score to beat your opponents. Contains 21 non toxic painted wooden sticks 84cm (33") in length.

How to play Pick up Sticks.
  1. Players are to agree in advance on how many points are required to win the game. (I.E.: 500 or 1000 points).
  2. To Begin: The first player vertically holds all Pick Up Sticks in one hand making sure that one end of the sticks remains in with the playing area, the player quickly releases his/her hand and lets the sticks scatter.
  3. This player proceeds to pick up the sticks, one by one. The only stick that is allowed to move is the one the player is trying to pick up. If any other stick moves, that player's turn is over, and play passes to the next player on the left.
  4. The next player may continue to pick up the remaining sticks until one moves or choose to begin again, by gathering up all sticks, and once again letting them scatter in the playing area.
  5. If a player is successful in picking up the Black stick (called the Master Stick), that player is permitted to use the Master Stick for removing other sticks. (For example, to separate two sticks that are lying close together, or to flick off one stick that is resting on another stick). No other stick may be used in this way.
  6. If a player successfully picks up all sticks, that player begins again, and continues to play until he/she loses his/her turn.
  7. As each player finishes a turn, they should add up the points earned on the sticks successfully picked up. The first player to score the required points to win is declared the winner.
  8. If a player picks up, in order, a red, blue and green stick, that player's score for those specific sticks doubles in point-value.

Number of Sticks Color PointValue
1 Black 25
5 Red 10
5 Blue 15
5 Green 20
5 Yellow 5

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Weight4.55 kg
Dimensions36 × 4 × 4 cm

12 reviews for Giant Pick-up Sticks

  1. Emily Coates

    We have used these with school groups as part of our team challenge activities with schools students and are having fun with them.

  2. Dawn


  3. Lori

    The Giant Pick-up Sticks are a huge hit with everyone who has played with them! It’s a truly retro game that appeals to kids of all ages. It was a great purchase!

  4. Emily Coates

    Good quality, kids loved them!

  5. Debra Glaister

    The giant pick-up sticks are great..strong, sturdy and colorful. My students love having the opportunity to play with them.

  6. Pam

    Just what we hoped for. Well made and fun to play with.

  7. Marla MacGregor

    Good quality and seem to be durable

  8. Dani Vachon

    The product shipped was not as pictured or described on the site. It was 33″ instead of 36″ and was simply painted dowels rather than pointed sticks as the traditional game. The points are used in game play and are an important part of the game. I was disappointed.

    That said, customer service dealt with my complaint in a professional manner and assured me that the descriptions and pictures of the other items on the website are accurate and this mistake was only made because their normal supplier ran out of pickup sticks.

    Editors note: We’re sorry that we didn’t update the description when the new giant pick up sticks came in, we have issued a gift certificate to Dani for pointing this out to us.

  9. SchoolsPlus

    Great colours and size, really fun for the kids and adults. Easy to carry, big enough to be extra fun yet still easy to carry and use.

  10. Cayenne G.

    My family loves the giant pix up sticks! All the neighbor kids come over all the time to play it!!

  11. Cindy Davies

    We have not used them yet

  12. Shirley Carter

    Great game to be able to play in the grass. No danger of losing these sticks and lots of fun for a large age range.

    Shirley Carter

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