Giant Inflatable Dice – Get Knotted


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Giant inflatable die. Choose from the body parts die or the coloured spots die. Approx 17" (38cm)

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Weight0.07 kg

Body parts $15.99, Coloured $15.99, Both $31.98

4 reviews for Giant Inflatable Dice – Get Knotted

  1. Party Rental Coordinator

    I love these dice but find it hard in the wind to use them. I’d love to see them made out of foam like the numbered dice.

  2. S. Gillis

    We use our giant Get Knotted game several times a year, and are pleased to be able to get replacement dice since the kids can really be rough with them and they eventually wear out. Ours last about a year and a half before we need to replace them.

  3. barb lemire

    I have has get knotted for years now. Game is lots of fun. Dice need replacing this year so great to be able to buy replacement parts at a reasonable price!

  4. Pat Calyniuk

    The game is Twister but on a larger scale. The students like the game and have fun playing it. Kids have to be okay with someone in their space. We only play inside and shoes off.

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