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Giant Get Knotted


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There is great fun to be had with this giant party game for up to 30 players. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which coloured flower. Get Knotted up with other players to make the game more difficult for them. But beware: fall over and you are out of the game.
Contains:1 - Giant 10' x 10' (3m x3m) square playing mat, 8 hold down pegs and 2 giant inflatable dice.
Please note: This product is manufactured by Garden Games Ltd. and cannot be called Giant Twister.
How to Play: (Official rules)
  1. Nominate a referee, they will throw the dice and judge on player disqualification.
  2. Choose whether you take turns to move, one player at a time or if all players move on every roll of the dice.
  3. Position the players on the board. Players can start anywhere on the board. All players start with one foot on one colour and the other foot on another colour. If you do not have many players then you may agree to a reduced playing area.
  4. The referee throws both giant dice and calls out the results to the players. "Sting" means the referee chooses the colour and the limb. "Any" means the player chooses and the "Smiling Flower" means the player moves any limb to a smiling flower.
  5. Players then move the nominated body part to the correct colour.
  6. Any player that falls over or who lets any of their body except their hands or feet touch the mat is disqualified and therefore eliminated from the game. The final decision on whether or not they breached the rules is with the referee.
  7. The rule on whether two players can occupy the same colour spot is optional. The referee must decide if this is allowed or not.
The winner is the last player left after all others have been disqualified.
Alternate Rules:
An alternate is to not play with a referee but each player takes their turn to call out a body part and colour. This option brings a strategic aspect to the game.
Do you gang up on an opponent?
Are you nice or nasty?
Another alternative is to play for "forfeits". Each time a player touches the ground illegally, they must forfeit decide on what the forfeits are going to be!
Players staying close to each other make it harder for the other players. try moving closer to your opponents making them reach over or under your body.

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22 reviews for Giant Get Knotted

  1. Emily Coates

    We have had so much fun using this game! Every year our work gets together and competes against other stores! We had a lot of fun, and will be back to get newer games in the future!

  2. Chuck

    Here’s why I gave it a 3…It’s made from one a highly polluting material, polyvinyl chloride. I think it should be made from a less harmful material as kids will be playing on this. The game itself is fun, though not all of the patterns on the ‘dice’ are clear as to what to do. It should also be made so that sections can be attached or removed. As the number of people on the board dwindles, it’s easy for them to find the hand and foot positions they need to continue on without being eliminated. Also, by building in ‘sectionability’ you won’t need to bring the full thing if you have a small party.

  3. Emily Coates

    A fun twist on Twister! Easier for younger campers to use and more can participate!

  4. Ben

    Giant vinyl gameboard is perfect for a large group of participants and is very durable. The inflatable dice work well, making the game fun for non-participants as well.

  5. KWood

    Used this for a 5th grade school party. Worked great! Will be taking this to the Family Reunion in the summer. Can’t wait to see the relatives tangled up!

  6. NR

    This was the favourite activity for grades 2 to 3 during our spirit day. We kept it non-competitive.

  7. Emily Coates

    Very fun game. Product description online was perfect.

  8. Emily Coates

    This was purchased for our elementary school’s field day. The kids loved it!

  9. Children’s Ministry director

    After using the game, I would have preferred brighter, primary colors on the mat. It was a little too much the same all over. Didn’t particularly like the blow up “dice”.

  10. Lisa

    We had 25 kids playing this and they LOVE IT! Great purchase!

  11. Emily Coates


  12. Kelli Tyler

    We had a 4th of July party with 6 adult couples and our 16 (college age adult children). We played with a maximum of 16 adults at a time. First all couples over 30, then couples under 30, then all ladies, all guys, etc. It was so much fun, everyone had a great time and there was so much laughter.

  13. Cheryl vanderAhe

    A real hit with the kits. Lots of fun. Give yourself time to blow up the dice!

  14. Marla MacGregor

    Good sized mat for playing

  15. Reg Black

    have not used as yet

  16. Rick Long

    Haven’t tried yet.

  17. Jeanne Rosenblatt

    We haven’t used this yet but it looks like a lot of fun. I bought it for my husband’s firm’s annual BBQ. It will be an exciting interactive game for the adults & children. It also appears to be good quality.

  18. Tia Scott

    Can’t wait to try it but will be a huge hit!

  19. Lorie Baker

    The product was excellent quality and the shipping was fast and convenient !

  20. Pat Calyniuk

    Good quality game

  21. Rohan Matts

  22. Carmen Erison

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