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Giant Clue Game

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Giant Clue Game:


One mystery . . . six suspects. It’s the classic game of Clue with a GIANT twist! Can you figure out who’s responsible for the mayhem in the mansion? Played on 9 giant vinyl room mats and includes 6 jumbo foam weapons, 287 evidence cards, 1 spinner, and instructions. Nine mysterious rooms are laid out in a circle, each holding dark secrets inside to discover. Spin the spinner and move to a room by standing beside the room’s large vinyl mat. Inside, you can pick up 2 evidence cards but you can only keep one. Or you might spin and take possession of another big piece of evidence - one of six large, foam tools. Your goal: move from room to room, collect matching colored Suspect, Room, and Tool cards, along with the matching foam Tool, and you’ll solve the case! Was it Professor Plum with the rubber mallet in the library? Or Mr. Green with the trumpet in the billiards room? No case is too small to solve with Clue the GIANT edition! For 2-4 players, ages 8+.

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