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Giant Chess Snap Lock Mat


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An open mesh chess/checkers mat made from heavy-duty plastic. It will maintain the life and colour of your grass by allowing air and light free passage. Also an ideal porous mat for pool side. The 14" x 14" tiles easily snap together with no tools required. This board will last for many many years. Dimensions: 112" x 112".

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 16 cm

4 reviews for Giant Chess Snap Lock Mat

  1. Amy Dekle

    I love the way our chess pieces look on this new mat.

  2. Bob Rasko

    This thing is killing me. We tear it down every night and try to set it up every morning, but it’s a puzzle and takes us way to long to set it up properly. For our other board we use a portable dance floor with snap locks with edging that goes around. Much easier to set up.
    It looks great once it is set up, and it would be different if we could just leave it, but for our use, it’s just frustrating.

  3. Nicole Gilbert

    The mat was outside for the whole summer, in a busy area of the Museum’s courtyard. Still in excellent shape.

  4. Malcolm Sears

    We purchased the outdoor chess set 2 months ago and to save money bought the lower cost vinyl chess board. This was a disaster as water puddled on it and could not drain, so that in a few weeks the bottoms of the chess pieces became very dirty and slimy. We discarded that vinyl board and bought the plastic interlocking board. It looks and functions much better, allows water to drain, remains clean, and looks much more professional on our patio.

    Editor’s note: Hi Malcolm, I’m glad you like this giant chess board as it works much better in your situation where you’re keeping it out year round and it doesn’t have be moved. Chris

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