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Fabric fitness dice.
Set of 2 dice, one with the number of repetitions to be done the other with the activity to be done. Dice are 6 sided, approx 4".

Activities on die are jumping jacks, push ups, hop on one foot, toe touch, arm circles and leg lifts. Repetitions are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Excellent value.


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9 reviews for Fitness Dice

  1. Emily Coates

    We use the dice in our day centre exercise program for seniors. They have a lot of fun rolling them. We have made adaptations and variations to add to the selection of exercises and keep them interesting.

  2. Emily Coates

    We roll the dice every day before lunch, and do the exercises all together! The kids love doing these, and will actually complain if they roll a low number because they want to do more exercises!!

  3. Emily Coates

    The fitness dice were a hit at a kids birthday party. Even the adults joined in the fun … er, exercise … ah, exercise that was fun. Roll the dice and exercise to the results.

  4. Dana Lyons

    Ordering was easy, shipment was super fast and correct! Website was great and easy to use….best of all the dice are a great gift for the fitness fanatic or a group of kids.


  5. Krista Seto

    My class loves these dice (and so do my kids). We are having lots of fun adding a bit of extra fitness into our day.

  6. Cicine Smith

    Fun. Lots of fun!

  7. Emma Gregson

    Great product, fun for the kids and so far them seem to be well made and stitched.

  8. Greg Beckwith

    These are great and are constructed of great material. I would expect these will last for years.

    Editor: Hi Greg, Thanks for the review! These fitness dice are fun for the kids to do their DPA (daily physical activity) and they’re built to last.

  9. Megan Blonski

    These dice have been a hit with my kids! They are also a hit with my day home crew! They are very well made and fun to toss!

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