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Fitivities Active Game

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Are you asking yourself, How do I get my kids more active? well look no further then Fitivities Active Family Fun Game. This fun game is not only great for families but also for tween sleep overs, family reunions, indoor recess game and a youth ministry game as up to 24 players between ages 6 to 60+ can play at one time.

Fitivities allows all ages and levels of abilities to participate in a friendly competition where athletic or physical ability does not matter. With a roll of the dice and a flick of the spinner, players engage in an innovative, fast-paced experience moving around the game mat. Teams race to complete unique physical activities while trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. This gives you the thrill of a board game with the perks of a workout that no other game provides. Fitivities allows simultaneous play, allowing every team to be actively engaged at the same time and the level of chance puts everyone participating on a level playing field, regardless of players? age or ability.

Each game comes complete with: Durable 32" x 47" vinyl mat, 4 oversized foam dice, 4 shoe markers, 4 spinner cards


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