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FitDeck TRX? Suspension Trainer?


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Designed to significantly improve strength, balance, flexibility and core
stability. Contains illustrations describing fundamental TRX Suspension Training

User must have access to a TRX? Suspension Trainer?. Routines range from simple stretching
movements to challenging strength & agility workouts.

Number of Cards: 26 Exercise Playing Cards


Equipment required: TRX? Suspension Trainer?
Fitness Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Targeted Users: Men & Women (15-50 yrs)
Mix & Match with: Bodyweight, Navy SEAL, Stairs

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2 reviews for FitDeck TRX? Suspension Trainer?

  1. John Toye

    These cards very handy to have, they show how to do various exercises using a TRX suspension trainer, geared to different parts of the body (lower, upper,core). They suggest the number of reps depending on your level (beg, inter, adv). Use a few as guides each day you use the TRX, they help you to mix things up so as not to become routine.

  2. Bryan Rose

    Great cards and they are selling them for a great price. Wish they had more. The company was great to deal with and fast shipping I would buy from them again anytime.

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