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The Franklin Sports Cliff Hanger Toss Game is a new and fun challenging twist from your traditional cornhole game. Cliff Hanger includes (1) 36" x 24" sturdy wooden target and (6) hexagonal bean bags designed specifically for this game. The target contains (5) staggered shelves that vary in size and height making the game exciting, challenging, and a perfect addition to your outdoor games collection. The rules are simple and just like cornhole, each team of player's takes turns aiming their bean bags at the target. If your bag lands on the shelf, you gain those points. If your opponent's bag lands on top of your bag-they steal the points! If your bag hangs over the cliff as a CLIFF HANGER without falling off, the player receives double the points. Keep score like cornhole, first one to 21 points and win by 2!

  • CORNHOLE with a brand new twist
  • CLIFF HANGER is the newest twist to your backyard games collection! This game challenges you to toss your bean bags at the target to score points, double your points or lose points depending on your CLIFF HANGER bean bag position
  • INCLUDES (1) sturdy wooden target with wooden shelves. The target features no tool assembly with a convenient built in carry handle
  • HEXAGONAL 5in x 5in bean bags are specifically weighted for the CLIFF HANGER game. Six total bags are included
  • LARGE SIZE 36" X 24" target ensures maximum fun while trying to outscore your opponent
  • ACCESSORY CARRY BAG helps to hold the bean bags and shelves when the game is not in use

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