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Category Mania Thumball

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Category Mania Thumball is a stimulating word game for every age and ability. Throw it, catch it, respond to the category word under your thumb.
Name one or many items in the category. Generate words in categories, increase vocabulary improve word finding and memory skills.
Easy: Name 1-3 items in that category.
Hard: Name 4-7 items in that category.
Difficult: Name 1-3 items with a specific beginning sound in that category.
Challenge: Name 4-7 items with a specific beginning sound in that category.
32 panels, 4" Yellow and blue ball
What is Thumball? Thumballs are either 12 or 32 panel soft colourful balls used to delevelop some of the following skills. These balls can bring a classroom alive whether it be kids or adults by stimulating conversation through improved social interactions. Thumballs can adapt to various levels of interaction by ways of asking different questions about the panel you have under your thumb.

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  1. Emily Coates

    A good Thumball to get people active. I might suggest a general picture for the categories as well (image and word)- that way the younger kids would be able to play more easily as well. And perhaps a Canadian version, or a more general version – I don’t know the US capitals, or most of their Presidents.

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