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Cannonball Drop Game


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Cannonball Drop is similar to the classic game of KERPLUNK.
Canonball Drop Stands 1.2m (47") tall, the game is based on the design of a castle turret. "Cannonballs" are suspended in the air supported by coloured sticks. Remove the sticks one by one and watch the balls fall down inside the castle tower. The winner is the player with the least balls at the end of the game!
Another variation is to choose a stick colour and then only remove a stick of that colour when it is their turn. The loser of the game is the person who makes the last ball drop.
Games includes 30 cannonballs and 24 sticks (also called straws) Suitable for 2 - 3 players ages 6+ Please no not call this giant kerplunk as this is not an official Mattel Inc Game.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 15 cm

10 reviews for Cannonball Drop Game

  1. Emily Coates

    Easy to put together. It builds on many skills for school age group such as concentration, cognitive, and social skills among others.

  2. Emily Coates

    My kids loved this game! We are really big on outside games because we have a really big family and this is something we can all do togeter! I also have the Giant Twister, I couldn’t be happier with these purchases.

  3. Emily Coates

    The game assembles well and I love how small it packs down to in size. The game went over well with those playing it. The size is great for kids. Only downside is to make sure you watch where the balls roll to when the fall down – a few got away on us but we managed to catch them before they went too far. Overall great product.

  4. Scott McGrath

    This is an awesome product.

  5. Tiesha Schmuland

    This item broke within the first hour of using it.

    Editors Note: We have refunded the purchase of this item. CB

  6. Richard Grenier Jr

    Customers love it!

  7. Sean Hardage

    We love this game system. It has see alot of use since we put it out in our resort village. It has grown to a very popular game with the famlies vey quickly. Thank you so much! I highly recommend this product to everyone who enjoys giant games!!!

  8. Jennifer Shaw

    We recently bought the giant canonball drop game for the kids for Christmas. We haven’t had a chance to play it yet since it is not Christmas yet but when I opened the box to check out the contents I was surprised by the quality/gauge of plastic. It seems very well made and a nice size. I am excited to see their reaction.

  9. Crystal Kucharsky

    Kids enjoy the game but the plastic on the top has broken already after only being used 4 or 5 times.

    Editors note: Please send pictures so we can remedy.

  10. Nicole Talsma

    We lend our life size games out to our member libraries and they love them. Our last Kerplunk game had some spots where the plastic was either cracked or broken off but because all the life size games we have purchased from you are so popular how could we not replace it.

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