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BOSU Sport-Blue



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The BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer is great for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all ages! The 50cm Balance Trainer is a smaller version of the original BOSU® Balance Trainer (65cm) with a sleek and compact design. This allows for easy transportation and storage, along with quick positioning for any type of workout.


  • Extreme Durability: Features an bladder with a burst-resistant material for extra strength.
  • Optimal Design: Offers a non-marking and non-skid base for all floors.
  • Tested: Weight tested to support up to 250 lbs.

Why You Need It:

The BOSU® Sport challenges the entire body with full body movements that engage the mind to muscle connection at a young age.

How It Helps:

The BOSU® Sport helps to enhance your balance, build strength, and improve your flexibility.

What You Can Do With It:

The BOSU® Sport offers endless exercise options as endurance, strength and ability increase. Try incorporating lunges, squats, planks, mountain climbers, and many more to get your heart rate up!

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