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With a non-skid rubberized base and a textured quadrant dome, The BOSU® NexGen™ Pro balance trainer is perfect for safe and effective cardio, agility, strength, balance and core workouts. At 65 cm in diameter and 25.4 cm high, this inflated fitness dome is latex-free and burst-resistant. The NexGen™ Pro is great for strengthening core muscles while improving balance and coordination. Includes a hand pump and owners manual.


  • Extreme Durability: With latex-free, burst-resistant material, the NexGen™ Pro holds up to 159 kg (350 lb). Features an overmolded and rubberized non-skid, non-marking base. Phthalate free.
  • Quadrant Design: The 4 textured quadrants allow for precise positioning while enhancing grip for both hands and feet.
  • Great Results: Use the BOSU® NexGen™ Pro for full body workouts that tone and strengthen while improving balance, agility and flexibility.
  • Size: 65 cm in diameter and 25.4 cm (10 in) high when fully inflated. Weighs 9 kg (19 lb).

Why You Need It:

Balance trainers are inflated half-stability balls that can be used to improve balance, body awareness, core connection, coordination, stability and strength. This versatile training tool can be incorporated into your daily workouts on its own, or in combination with other gym equipment.

How It Helps:

BOSU® stands for “Both Sides Utilized”, meaning you can complete workouts with this balance trainer with the dome side up or down. The different levels of balance enhance different sorts of challenges and engage different muscle groups.

What You Can Do With It:

You can use BOSU® Balance Trainers for a variety of workouts such as planks, crunches, bridges, single leg holds, side lunges, push ups, and balance challenges. With the unique 4 quadrant design, the NexGen™ Pro is designed for precise body positioning and enhanced grip. Using the included hand pump, inflate the NexGen™ Pro to your desired balance difficulty level. Downloadable wall chart included with 12 exercise ideas!

Recommended for commercial use.

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