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49″ Chess

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We took our most popular seller, the plastic chess set with the 25" king, and designed an insert for all such chess sets to make them a foot taller. Then our customers started using two such inserts to produce a chess set with a dazzling 49" tall king. These inserts have the patent-pending quick connect coupling, making for quick and tight assembly.
When planning a playing area, consider a chess board with squares about 12 in across, making for a chess board 8 ft on a side. The plastic baord that we sell is an excellent match. Because these pieces are so impressive large, you can even go to squares that are 16" and even 24" across. Weighting the pieces for a more solid feel is as simple as unscrewing the base, and filling the base with pea gravel.
You can even fill the insert, but most people don't even fill the base completely, which can hold up to 9 lbs of gravel by itself. Since these chess pieces are comparatively narrow, a few pounds of gravel in the base will give them the stability and feel you need.
To transport the entire chess set, plan on about 40 cubic feet and 120 pounds (if you haven't added sand to weight the bases).

49 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set specifications

  • King 1 black and 1 white piece - 49" tall with 9.5" base - 4.75 lbs
  • Queen 1 black and 1 white piece - 47" tall with 9.5"base - 4.5 lbs
  • Bishop 2 black and 2 white pieces - 45.25 tall with 9.5 base - 4 lbs
  • Knight 2 black and 2 white pieces 42 tall with 9.5 base - 4.25 lbs
  • Rook 2 black and 2 white pieces - 40.5" tall with 9.5" base - 4 lbs
  • Pawn 8 black and 8 white pieces 40 tall with 9.5" base" 3.5 lbs

Mat not included.

Canada Post doesn't ship Chess Sets 25',37" & 49"-Please email order for ground shipping

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  1. Brad Gossman

    Absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to start playing

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