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12″ Chess Set


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The smaller Standard Chess Set pieces enable more rapid assembly and play. Perfect for a classroom, preschool, library or a smaller garden. The set comes complete with a 1.2m (approx 4') square playing mat. Pieces are in one section and stand between 20 and 25cm tall (7.5" and 9.75"). Base Diameter 9.5cm (3.75")

Queen 28cm high (11"), King 32cm high (12.5"), Pawn 20cm high (8")

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 9 cm

6 reviews for 12″ Chess Set

  1. Emily Coates

    Great product for the price. If you want something heavy (that won’t tip as easily in the wind), you might want to weigh these light plastic pieces down or go to a more expensive set. The set works well and looks very nice. We use it on our paved chess set (Holland pavers).

  2. Emily Coates

    Great size for our main deck at the cottage resort. With the medium size we could put both the chess and checkers on the deck. I got both thinking the checkers would be easier for the children but it turns out that the kids use the chess more and the adults the checkers!?!?!?

  3. Perry Ragoobar

    the Giant Chess set is great for the impact you get when it’s set up and people are playing. however, the pieces themselves are made of the type of plastic that you might make plastic army men out of. pretty cheap, easily mis-shapened, and will blow over if someone sneezes… we have had a lot of discussions around “when you knock down your king accidentally, it’s not the same as knock down your king on purpose”

    if I had a chance to see the product before purchasing it, I would have gone with one of the more expensive and weighted sets… this one is great for the time being… but i don’t expect it to last very long. even the playing matt is made of what seems to be heavy duty garbage bag material.

    for the price, spend a few more dollars and get a better quality set.

    but the kids really do love it.

  4. Jacqueline Miles

    Loved the Giant Chess Set

  5. Colleen Stewart

    We recently purchased a chess set for our school chess club. The ATB students of Harry Gray Elementary School fundraised money through ice cream sales and bake sales to help purchase a giant chess set. However when it arrived and we started taking it out of the box and setting it up we were so disappoint as how cheaply made the chess pieces were. We tried to set up the pieces but they kept falling over. There was no way this set would work so we packed it back up and I contacted Lynx. Later I got a e-mail letting me know that We could send it back but at our own expense, really the ATB students worked so hard for that money now they were going to have to fundraise more money to cover the cost of shipping the item back and raise more money to purchase a better chess set. Because it is so close to our school year end we will now have to wait to do more fundraising in September.

    editors note: we hate this as much as the students that fundraised for this so we are arranging to get it sent back to us at our cost and will send out another set that we believe will be better for this school setting.

  6. Stuart White

    The chess set gets everyone’s attention when it comes out for the library’s chess club. The materials are a little soft, but chess players tend to be careful with the pieces anyway.

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