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Playing the Play Nine card game is similar to playing a round of golf without the risk of getting struck by a stray ball. It is so much fun that you will forget you are not on a golf course. 

Even if you’ve never played, the rules are straightforward

Furthermore, you become hooked once you get the hang of it because you can play with groups of friends.

But, the Play Nine card game is a cutthroat battle of wits and nerves. Every card counts, and every decision matters. 

So, to help you perfect your Play Nine card game skill, here is a guide that might help you discover your inner Tiger Woods

Before Playing the Play Nine Card Game

To play the Play Nine card game, you need 

  • A deck of 52 Play Nine cards  
  • Pencil  
  • Scorecard 

The objective of the Play Nine card game is to reduce the score from 9 to 0. You are the winner if your score is the lowest. Also, each round has nine holes or hands. 

Playing the Play Nine Card Game

With a deck of cards in the centre of the draw pile, one of the players shuffles the deck and deals eight cards to each player, all facing down. 

Then, to start playing, follow these steps: 

  1. All players arrange the cards in two rows with four cards each
  2. You take the top card and flip it to form the discard pile. 
  3. Each player flips over any of their two cards
  4. When it is your turn to flip the cards, you can draw a card from the stack. 
  5. If you like the card you have drawn, you can replace it with any card you have, whether known or unknown (flipped or unflipped). 
  6. Then place the card you have decided to replace in the discard pile
  7. If you don’t like the card you’ve drawn, you can discard it and flip over one of your unknown cards when it’s time to draw.
  8. On your turn, you can replace the top card in the discard pile with a known or unknown card.
  9. The game continues until a player has only one facedown card left. You’re not required to turn it until you’re ready. Instead, you can continue to pick a card from the draw or discard pile. 
  10. A hole ends when a player turns over the last card. Everyone else takes a full turn by flipping all the facedown cards in their possession. 

Scoring System  

The cards are worth their face value as shown in the table below:

Score or card placement What it means
-5 Deduct five points from the score.
A pair of the same card on the top row and directly below The cards have a score of 0. 
A pair of the same card on the top row and indirectly below Since the cards don’t cancel each other out, adding up their face values yields the final scores. 

For example, if you drew 9, -5,3, 6 on the top row, then 4,3,0, 6 on the bottom row, this is how you calculate the score. 

6 on the top row cancels out, with 6 on the bottom row directly below it. This totals to a 0. 

Then add 3+0-5+3+9+4=14.

2 matching pairs of cards The point count is 0 with a -10 bonus. 

So, if the cards you drew were 8,6,4,6, and 3,6,4,6, the cards with 6 as face value would cancel out each other, attracting a -10-point bonus. 

The total value for this hole would be 0 -10+0+3+8= 1.

3 matching pairs The point count is 0 with a -15 bonus.
4 matching pairs of cards The point count is 0 with a -20 bonus.
2 matching cards of -5 They do not cancel each other, so they are worth -10 (-5-5).
4 matching cards of -5 The point count is -20 with a -10 bonus, so totalling -30.

Become a Play Nine Card Game Pro

Without enduring a sunburn, you can enjoy a fun, challenging round of golf by becoming a Play Nine card game pro. 

This game is easy to learn but hard to master, so you need to know when to draw, flip or discard a card. Every move counts, as this game relies on strategy and luck. 

But how do you perfect this skill? 

For starters, you must practice. Just like Tiger Woods is always on the golf course practising his swing and perfecting his game, you too must play this golf-inspired play often. 

Also, be strategic with your discards. Use your discards to throw your opponents off their game.  

Finally, stay calm and focused. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Instead, play with a clear and steady hand. 

You may not win the Masters, but you will come on top in this engaging game if you play with a cool head. 

So, check out the Play Nine Card Game here, grab the decks, lay down some sets and may the cards always be in your favour.