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As cooler temperatures approach, there is still plenty of time to enjoy a glamping trip before winter hits! Glamping is the perfect solution for those who love the great outdoors and creature comforts. Combining the best of both worlds, glamping allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature while still indulging in some of our favourite pastimes. And what better way to pass the time and make memories with your friends and family than by playing games? Whether you’re a fan of tournaments or games that will keep you moving,  there are plenty of options for games for the whole family.

Here are some of our favourites:

Foldable Washers

foldable washers

Easy to set up, the Washer Toss Set is something people of all ages can enjoy. Test your accuracy by tossing steel washers into the centre core of the target. While this game sounds simple, the game becomes increasingly more challenging as you move further back from the target. 


The targets are foldable, making setup easy, and perfect for travel and storage. Every set comes with six steel core washers- three red and three blue- a carry bag, and a collapsable target. The washers have built-in bottle openers, making them the perfect game to pack. 


RunAway Bean Bag Toss

run away bean bag toss

A fun spin on Cornhole, the Sports Future Champs RunAway Bean Bag Toss was specifically designed with young kids in mind. Much like traditional Cornhole, the goal of the game is to get your team as many points as possible by tossing your team’s bean bags into the pockets. The twist is that the RunAway game base is motorized, with the pockets moving from side to side. 


A great game for groups or for a relaxing afternoon with your family, each set comes with one RunAway three-hole target with a moving base and six lightweight bean bags-three green and three blue.




If you’re looking for a more active game, the Spyderball Outdoor Game is a great option. Spyderball can be played on any surface, from grass, sand, or pavement. The set is easy to set up and take with you, making it great for beach days, tournaments, and for taking with you on glamping trips. 


Each kit includes one Spyderball net target, two competition seize balls, one practice ball, an inflating pump and needle, and a carry bag.

Up 4 It

This giant version of a very well-known game gives this classic an upgrade. A great game for two players to improve their strategy and skills; take turns dropping your counters into the game and trying to connect four of your colour in a row. Standing at roughly 4ft (1.3m) tall, this game set makes it great fun for those playing, and those watching. 


There are plenty of games to keep you entertained during your glamping adventure. Whether you prefer twists on classic games like Up 4 It or RunAway Bean Bag Toss or more active games like Spyderball or Washers, there’s something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your games, and prepare for a fun and exciting glamping trip!