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There’s nothing like spending the last few days of the year with our closest friends and dearest family members. Game nights or afternoons can bring everyone closer together, creating some never-to-be-forgotten memories.  Games make for great gifts too. Read on for our top picks of fun Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love.

Giant Sorry

Giant Sorry

Move your pawns around the board as you race to the finish with this large version of the traditional board game. The large vinyl mat can be spread out on your living room floor or your backyard in the summer for hours of family fun. The mat is sturdy enough for little players to walk over as they move their pawns. It’s an ideal gift for competitive kids.

Giant Candyland

Giant Candyland

Games become so much sweeter when you become a part of it. Players of this Giant Candyland game let their imaginations soar as they move themselves across the board to try and reach King Kandy’s castle. The 64” x 64” illustrated vinyl gameboard comes with a playful lollipop spinner and foam crown for the winner. Giant Candyland is the ideal gift for young children who are just getting involved in board games.

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Get ready for oodles of fun with this giant version of snakes and ladders. Climb up ladders to reach the end as fast as you can and avoid treacherous snakes. Additional physical activity squares like ‘stand on one leg’ make the game more challenging and add to the fun. 

Giant Chess

Get kids away from screens and let them have some fun using their strategic thinking skills. Our 12″ Chess Sets and 16″ Chess Sets  let players use their mental and physical skills as they move their pieces around the board. Ideal for all ages, you’ll find adults pitting their chess skills against each other too.

Giant Checkers

A game for all ages – giant checkers can be a physical activity too. Jump over pieces as you eliminate opponents’ pieces. The large size of the pieces means that you can turn checkers into a team sport. 

Jumbo 4

Connect four turns life-size with this jumbo version of the game. Players take turns to get their coins in a row as they drop them into slots. Even resetting the game by dragging the bar out turns into an event as the large sized coins drop to the floor. Jumbo 4 is a great way to get the youngsters outdoors and into the sunshine.

FlingBall Set

Flingball Set

Really get the competition going with this FlingBall set. Perfect for young ones to develop their coordination skills as they try to catch the ball in their nets. It’s easy to take wherever you go with lots of fun guaranteed. Also known as netball or MonoFling. Perfect for kids with lots of energy to expend.


It’s great when a game is educational and a lot of fun. Bananagrams offers exactly that as players race to finish their pieces. Not to mention it makes a great stocking filler too!

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