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Interactive Thumball BallsWhat is Thumball? Thumballs are either 12 or 32 panel soft colourful balls used to expand vocabulary, expressive language, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, facial expressions, body language and more. These balls are more than just a simple ball, they can bring a classroom or an office alive by stimulating conversation and energizing education. Thumballs can adapt to various levels of interaction by ways of asking different questions about the panel you have under your thumb.
Thumball, Throw it, Catch it and respond to the panel found under your thumb.

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Favorites Thumballs for Preschool & Kindergarten Teachers: Numbers, ABC's, Animals and Shapes
Favorites Thumballs for Elementary & Junior High Teachers: Emotion, Icebreaker, Who are you?
Favorites Thumballs for Camp Counsellors: Icebreaker, Who are you?, Parts of a story
Favorites Thumballs for Speech Therapists: Letter Mania, Category and Move your body
Favorites Thumballs for Corporate Team Building: Icebreaker, Who are you? and Meet and Greet
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