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How to play the Beersbee Game

How to play Beersbee

Beersbee is a yard game involving 2 teams of up to two players each attempting to knock an object (empty bottle, can, ball) off of the opposing team's pole using a flying disc.

Each team requires one pole and one object. The poles should be stationed approximately 27 feet (8.2m) apart with an object on top of each. The teams take turns throwing the disc at the object attempting to strike either the Beersbee pole or the object in hopes of knocking the object to the ground. The defending team attempts to catch both the flying disc and the object (assuming it is falling).

Scoring for Beersbee:

OFFENSE is awarded 1 point if the flying disc is not caught by the defending team and the object does not hit the ground.

OFFENSE is awarded 3 points if the object is knocked to the ground and the disk is not caught by the defensive team.

DEFENSE is awarded 3 points if the object is knocked off the pole and caught before hitting the ground AND the disk is caught.

Beersbee is also known as Poleish Horseshoes, Frisbeener, Poles Game, Stickzee and beersby.

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How to play Beersbee
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