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Skillastic Rules

Rules of the Games
Teach Coordination, Cooperation and Communication
Fitness Skillastics and Basketball Skillastics features an oversized, 5x7-foot mat displaying 26 drills. Each square is illustrated with colorful cartoon characters of children and easy-to-read instructions.

The object of the games is simple:

Divide your group into six teams. Each team is assigned a colored beanbag and oversized dice located around the mat. The teams are scattered throughout the playing area, away from the mat.

The game begins with one child from each team running to the mat and rolling their teamís color die. The child moves their teamís beanbag the number of squares rolled.

The child reads the directions on that square and reports back to his or her team and either explains the drill or points it out on a miniature game mat passed out to each team prior to play.

After completing the drill, another child from the same team goes to the mat and repeats the process.
The emphasis is on participation, not winning or losing! Skillastics š games are fun and challenging. Your students will ask to play again and again.

HalfPint Skillastics features 36 oversized Activity Cards that feature fitness drills appropriate to children ages 3-5. Each card features a colorful cartoon character illustrating the activity on the reverse. The front of the cards feature colors and shapes that correspond to the two types of die which are included.

Instructors have numerous options to play the game. Children can be divided into two groups or play the game as a class. One, two or more kids can grab the game and play it as a recess activity.

Shuffle the Activity Cards and spread them Activity Side down on the floor. Gather your kids away from the cards in groups or as a full class.

Choose the die to use with the group Ė Color Recognition or Shape Recognition. Assign the order for each child to take a turn rolling the die.

Each card has a number within a shape that refers to the number of times the activity should be repeated.

Octagon Shape - beginning repetitions
Heart Shape - intermediate repetitions
Pentagon Shape - advanced repetitions

Explain to the children prior to playing the game which shape they should look for and how many repetitions to perform.

Alternatively, make a sound or percussion rhythm or play music for a length of time and instruct the children to perform the activity until the sound or music stops.

Each child in turn rolls the die and identifies the Color or Shape rolled. He or she then goes to the Activity Cards and picks up the card that matches. The child returns to the group, turns the card over and reveals the activity the entire group or class performs together.

Repeat until all the cards have been played.
The emphasis is on participation, not winning or losing!
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